Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thing #23

YES, YES, YES!!!!! I have made it to the end. I almost quit twice. I sure want a chance at winning the Wii. However, I do not have luck at winning.
My favorite Thing I learned and will continue to use is Librarything, I just bought a notebook and entered all my authors and books read, then the challenge came up and introduced me to this wonderful website.
My least favorite site would be ListenNJ, I do not care to listen to a book being read to me, I prefer to sit and read while looking at something. I have and still will recommend this site to our customers.
I definitely think Google docs would be something we at the Library should use. Maybe even those of us who put together the Branch Brochure information, rather than E-mail back and forth.
I have shared several sites with a few people. Odeo is great for music, especially when we get our MP3 players. Google docs I let my husband know about that site, he seemed interested.
Another great site is WorldCat, I've visited it, found a few things I would eventually like to order, but for now summer is coming too much is going on. I will wait till winter and ILL some of the older DVDs that OCL does not have. (We might purchase them before I need to put in a request).
As far as Web 3.0......I will definitely consider the challenge. It just seems certain times of the month are more difficult to find the spare time to complete the "Things". I know some of our part-timers have said it truly is very difficult to find time while they are here at work to take the Web 2.0 challenge.
See you at S.D.D.!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thing #21

I set up an account with ODEO, I should have been able to post a blog from the pod cast on the site. Google wouldn't allow me, it told me to try again later. So I will attemp to finish #21 this way. I figured when I recieve my MP3 player from the "Challenge" I will be able to download songs from this site. I chose the Jonas Brothers, I will be going to their concert in August. Thanks to my daughter, I do enjoy some of their songs. The Jonas Brothers- Year 3000

Friday, May 9, 2008

Thing #22

While I am waiting, I can't listen to the book I selected unless I use the public earphones. (I will not do this). I had no problem figuring out how to get into the ListenNJ website, select a book, download and book. The only problem is it does take a long time to download all of the parts. Next time, if there is one, I will pick a shorter book. I wasn't too sure if there is a way to see how many "parts" there are to download before I choose a book. I did figure out how to begin listening to Part One while the other parts are downloading, however as I already mentioned, I will not use the public earphones and its too loud to listen to with other people around.

P.S. The computer just warned me I am running out of temporary space for the book I am currently downloading. This is a problem.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thing #20

I visited the YouTube website. I had been there before once of twice. Definitely always something you can find to view there. After my third subject try, I found something interesting. It was about dogs. This is it Funny Dogs 6.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thing #19

I was about to give up on the whole challenge. However, I stumbled through the last few, this one was much easier. It did not take me that long to look over all of the 2.0 winners.
I will definitely recommend this site to someone I know. I thought Pandora lookd like an interesting site, I like music. I would have to check it out and find out more details. Are all the serviced listed on the 2.0 winners free? Since I do like cocktails, I most definitely will visit cocktail builder. I did not care for the site imbee, I don't know if that is such a great site for under 18 for meeting over the internet like this.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Thing #16

I definately noticed the OCL website was updated!!

Thing #17

Well one day I played in the sandbox, that was easy. Today I tried to make a link to my blog.
I do not think it worked. I will try with help tomorrow.